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I know what it's like to have your body dramatically effect your happiness.That's why when I finally found a home work-out plan that worked I wanted to help everyone looking to lose that fat. I wished someone had told me about a long time ago.
    /24-7PressRelease/ - February 28, 2008 - Are you unhappy with your body?
If the answer is yes as mine was once was, I've just saved you a lot of time and hassle. If you had started to lose hope, you've just got lucky. You can find out more at

Has your body been making you miserable?
I feel so fortunate at not having reluctantly walked away at the opportunity of dedicating myself to the home work-out plan which has been amazing. My big belly had been affecting me in huge ways. I was depressed, miserable and my self-esteem had dropped so much that the best qualities in my personality suffered as a result of how I felt about my appearence. The fun, liveley, full of life and sociable "me" had completely disappeared and instead I became grumpy, moody and extremely insecure.

Are you not able to wear what you want because of your figure?
I was so paranoid about my body and the way people saw me that shopping simply became a nightmare. I became extra selective on the clothes I picked out, looking particularly for the loose and baggy outfits which didnt outline my figure so much, so as not to bring any attention to that lump hanging out. Normally I would be attracted to the sexy tight fitting. Not being able to wear what I wanted really frustrated me, especially on occasions where I'd totally fall in love with the most gorgeous evening dress for a party, and after trying it on looking absolutley stunning..... if it wasnt for that buldgy belly. Id stand there hold my breath and tuck my stomach in, holding that image of what Id look like without it. It killed me.

Do you find that you compare your body to everyone else and feel embarassed?
I'd always find myself staring jealously at other women with perfect figures and wishing I could have a body like that and be able to wear those tight tops and low cut-jeans so that my belly slightly showed. It would make me so sad and I felt even more crap. Ever since people had started making remarks about my belly, it really made me conscious of myself. I didn't even feel comfortable showing my body to my partner who I've been with for five years now. He'd always be really nice and tried convincing me that it doesnt matter to him what I looked like and he loves me for who I am, but regardless of this, I know that he was only trying to make me feel better. We can all attempt to be encouraging to those we care about but at the end of the day we cant help what goes on in our head and if I have such a flabby belly then my partner was bound to be thinking it in his mind, even if he doesnt tell me. I just didn't want him to look at other women and wish that it was me with a body like that.

Are you not willing to waste your energy on a work-out that may not even be successul?
I went through a period were I became obsessed with losing my belly. I was desperate to lose my fat, so desperate that I was willing to do whatever it took, no matter how tiring the work-out, no matter how hard the diet, even if I had to starve myself, and no matter how much money I spent. After some time I realised that I could be doing this for on-going months and I'd still not see any results. I became so angry, frustrated at these programs that made promises and claimed I'd see a physical difference. I was depressed even more than before, and I thought I'd never be able to do anything about my fat self. I lost hope and gave up, swearing not to bother falling for any other lying work-out program again.

Do you believe that sometimes finding the right work-out can be by luck, for example now?
If it hadn't been for an old friend I bumped into, I would have never even considered trying your home work-out plan. She was a mother and had recently given birth so I was suprised because she looked great, and unlike me her figure looked amazing. It was then that she recommended you, and it's only because she personally said that she saw physical changes in her body only after a few weeks that I decided to go for it. She explained that it's actually a program for mothers that want to get rid of their "mummy belly", however anyone wanting to flatten their stomach should do it, as it's really effective. Well if it worked for her, then why shouldn't it work for me. She told me to check out Holly Rigsby's website .At the end of the day this wasnt anything like having to pick out the best lose that tummy program, where the best sales tactics get your attention, this was my friend who I was standing face to face with and her body looked wonderful. I was so excited about doing this. I couldn't wait to be able to fit into those gorgeous dresses and stun everyone including my partner.

Don't worry you too will soon have the satisfaction of finally getting the body you want!
I didn't want to tell any of my friends about the new techniques I was following. I had been disappointed by numerous work-out plans before so I wanted to save myself the embarassment this time in case it wasn't what I had hoped. The best feeling was when after a few weeks had passed and my belly was not as big, all my friends had noticed. Being told that I looked great made me over the moon, and I was now so much more confident and happy. A further few weeks my belly had completely been flattened. I couldnt believe it. Even my partner couldn't hide the big grin on his face when I went out and bought the most beautiful tight fitted outfits to show off my figure. Now when he says I look good I know its true.If you're looking to lose that tummy then dont even think twice. Holly Rigsby knows exactly what she's talking about, and the secrets she revealed made me realise how many people were going the wrong way about working out, me being one of them.

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