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On the Front Lines of Women's Empowerment and Providing Clean Water, GFA World Celebrates Its 39th Anniversary by Releasing 2017 Highlights

2018-07-30 | In 2017, GFA and its worldwide affiliates working in 18 nations empowered more than 350,000 women through various ministry efforts and installed 4,673 clean-water wells

GFA World Honours Widows on International Widows' Day

2018-07-19 | Major humanitarian organization helping widows to overcome grief and poverty

STD Testing In Los Angeles Is Offered At STD Free Los Angeles

2018-07-19 | STD testing in Los Angeles clinic, STD Free Los Angeles, is making great strides in providing premier reproductive health services. The esteemed clinic has garnered recognition for its top-industry practices and dedication to its patients.

STD Testing in Los Angeles Providers, STD Free Los Angeles, Rated As Top Providers

2018-07-11 | STD testing in Los Angeles providers STD Free Los Angeles has recently been recognized as top providers of STD testing in the greater Los Angeles area.

Educational Agenda for Orlando's FIME Show 2018 Announced

2018-07-09 | More than 24,200 healthcare trade professionals to learn about the latest developments in patient safety, digital healthcare, supply chain and procurement and investment opportunities

Skin, Bones, Hearts & Private Parts Hosts San Antonio, Texas CME Conference

2018-07-09 | Continuing Medical Education for Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants

The American Health Council Welcomes Jeremy Orr, MPAS, PA-C to its Board of Physicians

2018-05-18 | The American Health Council is proud to welcome Jeremy Orr, MPAS, PA-C to its Board of Physicians for his outstanding contributions to the medical field.

Innoplexus Releases New Study Examining Consumer Perceptions of Pharmaceutical Companies

2018-05-17 | Insights are intended to guide innovation and reforms within the industry

BacterioScan Receives FDA Clearance For Rapid Infection Detection System

2018-05-14 | Automated diagnostic system cleared for detection of Urinary Tract Infections Reduces lab time-to-results from two days to three hours

Innoplexus Announces New North American Affiliate Helmed by Former Merck KGaA Executive

2018-05-10 | Leader in Pharmaceutical Research AI expands North American Presence

New Momentum is Necessary to End this 'Sickening Agony'! 'Chilling' Special Report Spotlights Need for New Push Against Enduring Global Health Threat'

2018-04-21 | GFA World matches simple mosquito net distribution with awareness drive to further 'life and death' fight against malaria!

Community Access National Network Tackles Challenges Facing the 340B Drug Pricing Program

2018-04-18 | Launches National Commission to Make Recommendations to Congress

Visa Lighting Announces Partnership with Vital Vio for Safe LED Disinfection

2018-04-09 | What happens when groundbreaking technology meets industry leadership?

Denise Bell, BA, ADN, BSN, MPH is Selected to the American Health Council's Board of Nurses

2018-04-06 | The American Health Council recently selected Denise Bell, BA, ADN, BSN, MPH to its Board of Nurses for her outstanding contributions to the nursing field.

Sound Physicians Hosts a Complimentary Webinar: Performance Feedback, Transparency, and Driving High-Value Healthcare

2018-03-08 | Thought leaders describe lessons learned from using data to engage physicians and drive improvement.

Below the Knee Amputee Takes First Steps Seconds After Prosthetic Fitting

2018-02-14 | Rare bacteria claims south Jersey man's left leg below the knee.

Bedside Critical Care Manual Essential Guide for Intensive Care

2018-02-10 | Foolscap & Quill has published Volume 1 of the expanded edition of the Bedside Critical Care Manual

Kyssie Brown-Karikari, MSN, BSN, RN is Elected to the American Health Council's Board of Nurses

2018-02-08 | The American Health Council has elected Kyssie Brown-Karikari, MSN, BSN, RN to its Nursing Board for her tireless efforts to help numerous people using her Medical Respiratory and Nursing expertise.

A2A Pharmaceuticals Investments Completed

2018-02-06 | A2A Pharmaceuticals Inc. Secures Financing and Strategic Partnership

American Health Council Honors Heng Lim, MD as "Best in Medicine"

2018-01-23 | The American Health Council is proud to honor Heng F. Lim, MD as one of America's "Best in Medicine."